Inside the West Coast Haunters Convention with Jeff and Chris Davis

The West Coast Haunter's Convention is a Charity Haunt Show with vendors and education located in Portland, Oregon focused around Haunters of all types. Home Haunts, Halloween Fans, Haunted Attractions, Special FX Artists, Scare Actors, and anyone with a spooky side. Ask about the NERF WARS and staying the weekend on the 13TH FLOOR!


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Who is on this podcast?

Chris and Jeff Davis of the Davis Graveyard in Milwaukie, Oregon are directors behind the West Coast Haunters Convention (WCHC) and teachers in front of eager Haunters that are willing to learn. They explain how the WCHC is a unique Haunt/Halloween show that does things a little differently with a more relaxed atmosphere and a kick-ass costume ball.

Dan Doble from Haunt Collective asks questions that Phillip Hernandez (Haunted Attractions Network) and I didn't cover.

5 Reasons to go to the West Coast Haunters Convention.

  • It's for a great cause. The WCHC is a 501(c)3 organization that gives grants to professionals who work with children with hearing impairments and/or autism.
  • It's affordable. You can get in for one day starting at $40. If you want the all access pass for the entire weekend plus costume ball ticket, daily buffet, Haunt Tour, and T-shirt for just $176.
  • You'll learn a lot! In person seminars hosted by specialists like Leonard Pickel and Jon Cooke from Knotts Berry Farm. Plus experts from all areas of the Halloween and Haunt Industry.
  • Free Beer. Go to the Meet-and-Creep on Thursday from 6:30 pm-9 pm to meet up with friends and enjoy beer on the house!
  • Stay the weekend on the 13th Floor. Yes...the Doubletree hotel has a 13th Floor. The WCHC reserves the entire 13th floor and has a decoration contest by judging those who wish to participate. There's also a bar just for this floor.


More links and information about the West Coast Haunters Convention:


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  1. i always enjoy going to this show even it is on a smaller scale but it is being recognized more and more. Since i can not go to other shows like Transworld and others this is in my backyard and I am kid in a candy store getting all spooked and excited for Halloween.

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