The Journey from ‘Haunt House’ to ‘Phobius’ with Nicci & Justin Fears

phobius haunted house wright city,moThe Haunt House (one of HauntWorld's Top Haunts in 2012) in Dallas,TX is gone right? Or is it?

Nicci and Justin Fears from Wright City,MO may have just raised most of The Haunt House from the dead!

In early 2014, Nicci and Justin purchased The Haunt House from the Butler's and moved the entire show (except the building) from Texas to Missouri. After many truck loads of decorated wall panels, trailer loads of props & costumes, and numerous caffeinated road trips...they have transformed The Haunt House into Phobius!

Phobius Haunted House is a NEW Haunted Attraction located in Wright City,MO.....somewhere.

The reason I say 'somewhere' is because when you arrive at Phobius, you are not actually at the Phobius. You arrive at 420 East First Street South and then get on a bus with black out windows and then you are blindfolded. A few minutes later you show up at Phobius. So if you think you can run away...nope.

After your short awkward bus trip, you arrive at a huge creepy warehouse where you'll get to meet Dr. Cyrus Fears and his family of twisted souls and carnies. Yes...a psychopathic circus Doctor searching for more elixir and suffering from ongoing periods of rage and delusions. Sounds like fun right?

We interview Justin & Nicci about What New Haunt Owners Need To Know Before Starting, The Challenge of Moving The Haunt House from Texas to Missouri, and What to Expect from their Haunted House Phobius in 2014! You might just relate to their story or maybe you just want to go check out this Haunt yourself.

We play some more twisted tunes from Sam Haynes and announce the winners of four of his NEW CDs "Spine Chillers".

In the Haunter's Toolbox, we include a quick and easy way to corpse a skeleton with just a few tools and materials.


Haunt Topics in this Podcast Episode:


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4 thoughts on “The Journey from ‘Haunt House’ to ‘Phobius’ with Nicci & Justin Fears”

  1. I really enjoyed listening to the show. It is cool to follow such a great haunt all the way from Texas to Missouri and to hear how much they are putting into it for their first year. And the best part is that it is closer to us so I really hope to make it. Great show…thank you!

  2. Listening to this again today really brought home what the Fears had to do to make this happen. It truly was an impossible task, yet somehow through their dedication, determination and force of will they MADE it happen. Impossible? They laugh at impossible!

    When Bart, Mike Square, Steve Square and I went up there the week prior to this interview, to say we were floored by what they had accomplished would be the understatement of the year. There it was – The Haunt House (in its new incarnation as PHOBIUS) – rebuilt. And harkening back to the Six Million Dollar Man days, they built it better, stronger, faster… and all of the things they added to make it an even bigger attraction just blew us away.

    Meeting their cast was a blast. We could tell by their enthusiasm in the training that they would do you guys proud and deliver an A+ experience for your customers. I only wish I could have been there to see them in action!

    Very much looking forward to seeing it again in March!!

    1. Michael- It was actually nice to see your (and the crew’s) work here in Missouri! Excellent job by The Haunt House and the Fears for putting it back together again. Is Phobius open during Transworld??

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