How To Find a Location For Your Haunted House or Haunted Attraction

You are just a few clicks away from learning what it really takes to find a safe and code-friendly location for your Haunted House or Haunted Attraction!

Get instant access to the "How to Find the Perfect Spot For Your Haunted Attraction" video

Brian Foreman takes you through the entire process of finding a commercial Haunted Attraction location, inspections, insurance, codes/permits and more!

Topics covered in this video training:

  • Ideas to think about before you choose a location for your Haunted Attraction?
  • Learn the most important things you need to know before you find a property.
  • Leasing VS Buying
  • Outdoor attractions, indoor attractions, & trailer haunts
  • Building codes and fire safety
  • Researching your local market to increase revenue
  • Instant access to Brian Foreman. Contact him for answers to your questions!
  • Many more questions answered in this online video seminar


This highly detailed video audio course is compiled from years of experience and information about finding the perfect spot for your Haunted Attraction from Haunter Brian Foreman. You get full access to the video training, audio recordings (mp3), and bonus material. Over 1.5 hours of material focused on Finding the Best Location for Your Haunted House plus Question and Answers from other Haunters who attended this live online seminar.

The Haunt Specialist: Brian Foreman (Founder of ScaryVisions & HaunTopic Radio)

Brian Foreman has experience in scare acting, managing and building a Haunted Trail, a seasoned Home Haunter, and now opening a new Haunted Attraction.

Learn from his past mistakes as a Haunted Attraction Business Owner and discover how to make finding a new Haunt Location easy and enjoyable!

Topics like Who Do You Need To Talk To Before You Settle On a Property, What Kinds of Insurance Will You Need, Who Is Really Going To Show Up to Your Attraction, and Is There Really an Advantage to Leasing Over Buying? (and lots more!)

This online video presentation explains how to secure a temporary or permanent location for your scare attraction and take all of the guess work out of it. You've got better things to do with your building props and wall panels.

You can attend this professional Haunt Consultation without leaving your home and you also save hundreds of dollars! No travel fees and just a fraction of the cost of what a private consultation would cost you.




4 thoughts on “How To Find a Location For Your Haunted House or Haunted Attraction”

  1. Hello,
    I just brought this and was able to watch half before I got knock out my a mistake I made (tried downloading your PDF while it was running,) I have not gotten a code to use to get into the system as of yet… Granted it is late. So I was curious if the code will be sent tomorrow ? Thank you for any info you can give

    1. Hopefully the new Finding a Location for Your Haunted Attraction I sent was helpful. Do you you need any extra help?

  2. The crunch time is here and still no location do I have to get permitts and fire cheif involved.I have done haunts before but I would like to ask for a donation I do have a non profit behind me but no top
    Time to jump thru hoops

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