Leonard Pickel: Chicago Frights, HAuNTcon, and Improving Your Haunted Attraction

Leonard Pickel, considered by many as the 'Godfather of the Haunt Industry', fills this one hour interview with behind-the-scenes information about his Haunted Attraction Conventions and a few ways to make your Haunted House successful just by tweaking a few things that many Haunters are doing wrong.


chicago frights haunt convention

Chicago Frights

Chicago Frights is a great opportunity for haunters to pick up last second training, ideas and products before the Halloween season kicks in. Chicago Frights includes networking opportunities such as a huge costume party Saturday night, top-notch educational seminars, hands-on workshops and training sessions focusing on the operational needs of haunters, like set dressing, lighting, makeup and actor training. Plus, a dealer and vendor room to buy or sell those fright products before October.

Chicago Frights takes place July 29th to July 31st at the Georgios Quality Inn and Suites Convention Center in Orland Park, Illinois.


HAuNTcon 2017

HAuNTcon 2017

HAuNTcon 2017 will be held at the Sheraton Music City Hotel and Conference Center in Nashville Tennessee January 28- 30. The 2 day pre-show haunt tour will kick off Wednesday the 25th (Haunts to be announced).

The three Spotlight tours for HAuNTcon 20127 include Haunted Hell Nashville on Thursday night January 26th,  Nashville Nightmare Saturday January 28th and Slaughterhouse January 29th.

Education and trade show Friday January 27 through Sunday January  29th, with the all day advanced education on Monday January 30th. As always, all seminars  are included in the price of the conference and there are over 50 hours of  creative, business, demo and workshop sessions to choose from over the 3 days of haunter education. (Workshops require a materials fee and there is an up charge for the Monday all day advanced sessions.

haunted attraction design

Haunted Attraction Design Tips from Leonard Pickel:

  • Design your rooms with your actors in mind. What is the scare?
  • Design from the Inside Out. What is the function of the room?
  • Shorten the patron's sight line to keep them guessing.
  • When using a back story, stay with the time period and design around that story.
  • Attend Haunt Shows to network and share design ideas.


Click here to listen to this audio episode with Leonard.


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