How To Start a Haunted House or Haunted Attraction Business

How to Start a Haunted House or Haunted Attraction Business (Training Videos)

Are you confused about where to start when it comes to starting up a Haunted Attraction Business?

Interested in learning more on how to start a Haunted House Business without lots of money?

Are you a current Haunted House Owner that is looking for new ideas and techniques to carry your scare business to success?

Then you have came to the right place!

Now you can learn from the professionals in the Haunt Industry without leaving your home. All of our classes are online and require no special equipment. You can even watch these training videos on your tablet, phone, or media device of your choice. Just find the recorded seminar that you like, go through the payment process, and start learning in the next few seconds.


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-These video training seminars solve common business problems for many Haunters.


Haunted house start up


Location. Location! How To Find The Perfect Spot For Your Haunted Attraction by Brian Foreman

  • What you need to know before you choose a location for your Haunt!
  • Outdoor haunted attractions VS Indoor Haunted Attractions.
  • Where should you open your Haunted Attraction?
  • What codes should you be concerned with when designing your Haunt?
  • What types of insurance do you need to get started with your scare attraction?
  • Leasing VS Buying your Haunt location
  • Don't make these common mistakes and get shut down your first year!!


The Truth Behind Owning Your First Haunted Attraction Business by Leonard Pickel

Leonard Pickel- How to Start a Haunted House Business

  • Why do most Haunted Attractions fail within the first 3 years?
  • Do you really have what it takes to succeed as a Professional Haunted House Owner
  • How much money should be spent on Marketing your Haunted House?
  • Where should you open your Haunted Attraction?
  • Save money by learning the truth behind Haunt Ownership before you jump in.
  • The critical steps you must take to succeed as a Haunted Attraction Owner.


How To Recruit, Train, and Manage Haunted House Actors by Allen Hopps

Find More Haunted House Actor Training Tips in This Seminar

  • How to find actors, recruit them, and get them to stay all season
  • Training techniques & tricks to bring out the best in your actors
  • Save time by managing your scare acting team efficiently
  • When to hire and How to fire your employees
  • What kind of personalities make the best actors
  • Why actors are so vital in a Haunted House's success
  • Proven acting strategies that will increase your actors realism
  • Bonus material about actor training and actor techniques.


Low-Cost Guerilla Marketing Ideas for New Haunt Owners by Gail Strumberger

Low Cost Haunted House Marketing

  • Low-cost advertising ideas so you don't have to blow your budget
  • How to get your community involved
  • Do hanging flyers & Ad Cards really attract customers?
  • Do you have a website yet? There are free options...
  • Increase your attendance by using Google's platform
  • Use your Facebook page to sell ads and run contests
  • Cheap merchandising trick that may attract more customers
  • Vending. Sell your food & drink to keep the crowd satisfied.


Β Step By Step Haunted Attraction Design. Inside and Out. by Leonard Pickel

Advanced Haunted Attraction Design Training

  • Step by step Haunted Attraction Design from concept to blueprint
  • Creative ideas to get you started
  • Design your own floor plan with free tools
  • Layout options for best scares and throughput
  • Codes and safety regulations explained
  • Using multi-element attractions for increased revenue
  • How you can switch up your theme without rebuilding
  • How much does it really cost to start a Haunted House


How To Create a Back Story for Your Haunted House (and Use It In Marketing) Dana Martin

  • How to write a back story for your Haunted HouseLearn how to use the art of story telling in your Haunted Attraction
  • How creating a back story can actually save you money in advertising
  • How marketing your attraction just got a whole lot easier
  • Create a great theme that will keep your actors motivated
  • Easy to follow steps to write your own back story
  • Learn the most important things you need to know before designing your Haunt
  • Tips that will keep your actors coming back every season
  • Sample back stories you can use for inspiration
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48 thoughts on “How To Start a Haunted House or Haunted Attraction Business”

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  2. Hi my name is colleen Jones and I am a senior makeup artist at dark summit in summit Ill. I would love to see a seminar on haunted house makeup from the basics to creating intricate monsters quickly and also on a budget.

  3. Hi My name is Amaya! Me and my cousin are working on a haunted house project and were already talked with I guess your could call him the Mayor ? but we need to know budget and we already got the layout for the maze and how much we need to pay the actors, we need help with training the actors, props, structure, and costume design. I’m not sure if you can help us with most of our project but we would really be thankful for your help.

  4. I am helping to put together a haunted house for a non-profit organization and was looking for some ideas. We are featuring scenes from “Annabelle”, “Carrie”, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, “The Walking Dead”, “Friday the 13th”, “The Exorcist”, and the obvious ones like the mortuary/funeral home and the Insane Asylum. Any other suggestions to make it super scary for our guests?

  5. So ive always wanted a haunted house i used to put them on in the woods with my friends at our family’s Halloween party’s but to start my own since ive moved out would be freaking amazing if you guys could just give me ideas on how to start a small one considering my yard is slightly small i would greatly appreciate it and about how much would all of this cost just a rough estimate on the basic cost of one!

    1. Christian- there are many ways of creating your own Haunt. If you just want a small one at your house…I use pallets with old fence panels as my mazes (with proper support of course). Old kennel fence works as well. If you don’t have room for a maze, start out with what you have a add to it every year. Email us for a better discussion. πŸ™‚

  6. Hey i was looking at opening up my own haunted house with in the next two year and i need help on the business end and and permits and where to have one i was thinking about having it open for two or three months out of the year!


  8. Hello! Well there is no doubt that I dream Halloween. I have done the seminars and always go to St Louis for the conventions and have been trying to put together a haunt for years now but always get nervous and back out. I really would like some great words of wisdom to push me over this wall that I have built that I might fail. Or worse have a lawsuit against me. Scares me soo bad that I just back out. I know whats involved but would just like to hear someone say do it instead of be careful!!

  9. Hey there I have been thinking of starting one up for years but I’m afraid of the risk. I just love haunted sound. People laugh at me when I talk about it. If I could make Enough on it where I could work on it as a full time job would be a dream come true. I just would like an estimated start cost.

    1. There are so many different methods to start a Haunted Attraction. Many different costs as well. Factors like area, start-up costs, lease or buy, non-profit, etc. What direction would you like to go? My best advice is to work at one for a few years and learn by doing. Pay attention to the systems in place and think about the type of haunt you want to be.

  10. Is there a package deal to purchase multiple training videos or are they only available individually?

    Thank you,

    1. David. We are working on a one stop solution for all of your training needs. I sent you an email. πŸ™‚

  11. Brian, This is our 3rd. year for our spook trail. But need new ideas. we are open for any. Our theme mostly leans to Captain Jack.

  12. Anyone ever have to deal with religious objection to your haunted house? In Tennessee many haunts have and I was wondering if there are ways to protect your business in these situations.

    1. Always think of your customers first. If you set up a Satanic themed attraction in a dominate religious town you might get push back. Some areas hate Halloween all together and you must be creative in your Haunt. Give back to the community. Include the area in what you are doing. Maybe change your theme to something tolerable for your area. If your audience doesn’t like you, you’ll have a hard time getting them through the door as a loyal patron.

  13. Hey there! So, I’ve been a haunt actor for two different haunts for the past 6 years or so and the entire time I have been thinking to myself “How the h*** can I start one?” Why would I want to start one you may ask? Because I believe I have a really good idea, as well as I know that I would manage it properly and most importantly SAFELY and FAIRLY to the actors. I want to give patrons my vision(s) of a haunted house, deliver great scares, while at the same time treating my actors the way they should be treated – as adults with good wages and safe working conditions. (Cannot stress enough how unsafe I have been in the past, and that in my world, safety is key.)
    For me it isn’t about finding the right performers, designers, or idea(s). It’s about money. How can I make this dream a reality? Where do I look and how do I apply for grants or loans or whatever we haunters are able to get? I don’t want to make big bucks and my sole line of work/profession/income be running a haunted house. Honestly. It’s for the sheer joy and excitement of it. I want to make memories, experiences, thrills and scares.

    1. Heather-sounds like you’re in the right place! What vision do you have and where will you start? Are you creating an experience for your local town or a large city next to you? (sent you an email)

    1. It’s not all about getting bigger. Change up the experience each year by tweaking the theme, adding more to the back story, adding value to each customer, and being memorable. You want them to walk away and say “That was unique. I wonder what they’re doing next year??”

  14. Myself and my wife have been nominated to possibly take over the annual Halloween haunted house this year. I love the thought but don’t want it to be a flop either. (I have never done this before.) Any help would be amazing,thanks.

    1. Hi Bill. “Every PRO was once an Amateur.” πŸ™‚
      -Start with the end in mind. Create a theme and create around that.
      -Create a unique experience. Guests like to be scared but also create a memorable experience.
      -Work with what you have. Use the props that are there and create your story around that.
      -Use actors. Animatronics are cool but Scary People are better.

      Hope this helps.

  15. Hi in Tom ex military and I am hopeing to start my own business in the haunting side of work, I am interested in every bring I need to know about opening up creating and knowledge of runing an haunted house ie will I need funds to start off the business I am really into scarying people it gives me a really good feel. Could you guys help me give me success of opening my own haunted attraction.

  16. I’m interested in starting a hounted house attraction. I have the location big potential and lots of local supporters I need help please

    1. Kimberly, it when it comes to setting up a 501C3 for your Haunted Attraction, the rules apply to it like any other non-profit organization. I don’t have much experience in this but you can find a lot on the internet. Search “Start a 501c3” then see if the state you live in has certain rules as well. We have plans on getting an expert on to discuss this too. Also, have you worked with a charity before just for experience? Sometimes you can team up with a local charity and let them do the necessary things to get you operating while you spend time on what building the attraction. (I sent you a personal email.)

  17. This was fascinating to watch; after all, everyone could use a little scare in their life now and again, so a haunted house could be really fun to do. Although, I imagine that the most difficult part is getting all of the stuff together. Still if you can set up a fairly scary haunted house then you will have definitely made yourself a name across town.

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