Inside the Haunt Journal and a Transworld Show 2016 Update

We made it to EPISODE 100! Thanks for being a loyal listener! In this podcast episode, we discuss the Haunt Journal, the Transworld Halloween & Attractions Show 2016, and our anniversary of four years as podcasts hosts here at HaunTopic Radio.

The Haunt Journal:

haunted attractions podcast-haunt journal

We interview Philip Hernandez from the Haunted Attractions Network & Haunt Journal about how his free monthly digital Haunted Attraction magazine provides value to Haunters from beginners to experts. Including new phone apps, a new website, more podcasts, and the purchase of Haunt Nation Magazine. In Issue #5, Philip includes the article he wrote about my Haunted House the Dead Factory and what went wrong and what went right in my 2015 haunt season. A must read! Philip is lifting up the haunted attraction industry through all types of media..and it's all FREE. Learn more at


Transworld's Halloween & Attractions Show:

transworld halloween & attractions show

We also interview Jennifer Braverman from the Transworld Halloween & Attractions Show on whats new at the trade show in 2016. More vendors, a larger haunt trade show floor, escape room training, and a few more rooms opened up if you need one! Transworld is the industry's largest trade show for Halloween & Haunted Attractions. Learn more at


The Night Keep (Heretica):

We play some more tunes from The Night Keep and include Scene 3 of his dark story of Heretica. Daniel's cryptic tunes will definitely get you in the mood to scare. Learn more at

The Night Keep: Horror Music
The Night Keep: Heretica (a tale of horror)

Thank you for hanging out with us for 100 episodes and we look forward to the next 100!

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      1. Doing well and working with Chris Conlon and his company.. well sorta. Coding for him. You going to be at Transworld?

        1. Yes. I’ll be there with a group of my helpers. I’ll make sure to meet up with Chris.

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