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Congratulations! You have entered our domain and you will find that once you dig around for awhile-you may find it challenging to leave...

What is haunTopic? After 1000's of hours combing the web for Haunt related material and scary stuff; we really could not find the type of site we wanted so we built it and are still building it! We have built quite an extensive list of Haunt related sites, Horror sites which relate to Haunters, and educational resources to help you with your Haunting career! Whether you are a scare actor, haunt owner, or home haunter...you'll find something here. We will always be adding quality links and new RSS feeds to our site. If you keep your site updated and entertaining we'll add it to haunTopic. So if you believe your site or any other site is worthy-send it to us. All horror, haunt, or halloween related sites welcome!

What makes haunTopic different than other Haunt sites? We are all haunters or horror junkies that add to this site! All links are reviewed by our panel of experienced dark judges. If your site is getting popularity and ranks high on in our analytics, your RSS feed stays closer to the top. We have begun with a few of our favorites. All links are in random order. They are there because we started running out of room in our Bookmark folder. We want to help haunters succeed in everything they do. Whether that's building a haunt, working on their website, or quick and easy marketing tricks. If your a home haunter you'll learn new tricks on designing and building in your garage with lots of homemade techniques. If your a pro haunter, you might discover new marketing ideas or the closest actor trainer. If the information is not here contact us and ask your question. We'll use our contacts to find your answer!