Haunt Design for the 5 (or more) Senses

New seminar coming to HAuNTcon 2018!

Most people think there are only 5 senses - taste, touch, sight, sound and smell. Besides the "sixth sense", there are several others that people experience, and react to. Research into the ways the senses work has lead me down the path of how we can manipulate them to make your haunt more memorable. From simple tweaks to your existing set up to ways to think about future designs to take advantage of their power, we'll go through them in this seminar.

How can you take advantage of them in your haunt?
How can you put people in the fright zone even before they get in?
How can you manipulate their senses to keep them relaxed, anxious, or terrified?
How can you make them experience things that are not really there?
How can you get them to remember your haunt far in the future?


Join me on a journey at HAuNTcon 2018 in New Orleans, LA, as we cover these senses and practical methods to use them.


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Guest Speaker: Darryl Plunkie

Darryl Plunkie has been involved with haunting ever since answering "Yes" to the "Will you volunteer?" at a local historic park's Halloween Event survey. After spending 15 years acting at the park and being involved in other local Halloween activities, a YouTube channel and blog allowed him to help promote both local and North American artists and events.

Since then, Darryl has teamed up with Brian Foreman to form HaunTopic Radio, a podcast, and Haunters Toolbox, a membership community for helping your start and grow your Haunted Attraction. Darryl has also gone back to acting and managing actors at Deadmonton Haunted House in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.