Live From the Transworld Halloween/Haunt Show (Part 1)


transworld haunt & halloween showWow! What a show!

Yes...I'm talking about the Transworld Halloween and Haunt Show that was hosted in St.Louis,MO on March 7-10 2013. This was my 5th time attending and each time the experience is different. There are always new props, different faces, and exciting new events to participate in. Unfortunately, I only had one day to try to take it all in. I didn't get to meet all of my friends there but I did manage to capture a few audio interviews for HaunTopic Radio. I also made a few connections with vendors who are excited to be donating more prizes to the lucky monthly winners of the show. (No prize this month.)



Here are just a few of the people I stopped along my journey of the trade show floor at Transworld and those who are highlighted in this special edition of HaunTopic Radio:


We would also like to give a few scream outs to our Hauntlings that help out behind the scenes here at HaunTopic Radio:

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Our next shows are with Leonard Pickel of HAuNTcon and more coverage from the Transworld Halloween and Haunt Show 2013. Stay tuned.....