Audio Interviews with the People Behind Halloween and Haunted Attractions 

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How To Use Sound in Your Haunt with Ken Webster from Sinful Audio


Share Creating an immersive environment for your Haunted House is very important. Using sound and audio effects within your attraction can make your attendees feel that they are actually somewhere else. Sound taps into one of your five senses and adds to the overall impact of your show. You wouldn’t operate your haunt without lighting….you shouldn’t open your show without having a believable audio atmosphere. Sinful Audio creates audio sound effects and custom soundtracks for Haunted Attractions and horror movies. We interview Ken Webster from Sinful Audio and get some tips on adding an audible experience to your haunted house.…

Designing Knotts Scary Farm with Jon Cooke (and a Transworld Show Update)


ShareDesigning and building a Haunted Attraction is challenging. So how does one manage “160 Acres of Horror”?? Jonathan Cooke, one of the masterminds at Knotts Scary Farm, joins us in this episode of HaunTopic Radio and shares some of his creativity and ideas for operating such a huge event at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California. Every year Knott’s turns their entire amusement park into darkly themed scare attractions. (Yes…that means tearing down and setting up each year. 160 acres!) Knotts Scary Farm, aka Halloween Haunt, started back in 1973 as a 3 day attraction and now has become…

[Free Training] 13 Fears of a Haunt Owner: Survival Tips from Haunted Attraction Owners


ShareIs the fear of owning and operating your own Haunted House holding you back? What do you really need to know before you go into the Haunted Attraction Business? These survival tips from professional haunt owners will help take some of the fear out of your mind. At least you will feel that you are not alone. I combine my experience as a Haunt Owner and my survey results of over 500 Haunt Owners in this online training seminar. [This is the audio recording of our LIVE WEBINAR plus a few extras thrown in.]     Here are the ’13…

HAuNTcon and Other Haunt Conventions You Need To Attend in 2015


ShareIt’s that time again. Time for Halloween trade shows, Haunted House Conventions, Haunted House Tours, Meet-ups, and lots of parties! Here to start the beginning of Haunt conventions and shows is HAuNTcon: Haunted Attraction National Trade Show and Convention in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Feb.6 through Feb.10. We will have more coverage for you on more shows throughout the year so make sure you get on our email list to stay informed. Subscribe for free here. What is HAuNTcon? HAuNTcon is an acronym for the Haunted Attraction National Tradeshow and Conference, an expo and convention “Designed by Haunters, for Haunters”…

Marketing & Building Fearfest Haunted House with Owner Greg Allen


ShareAs a seasoned Haunt Owner or a first time Haunt Manager, you know that it is difficult to increase attendance each season and also save money on marketing. What if there was a way to do both at the same time? Greg Allen, owner of Fearfest Haunted House in Columbia-MO, meets us in the dungeon for some secret tips and tactics to get more with your marketing dollar. He also shares the struggles he went through those first years as a new Haunt Owner. After 11 years of managing Fearfest, he is still fine tuning his skills but has learned…

Creating ‘Wasted: A Stoner Zombie Comedy’ with Steve Kasan


ShareIn this episode of HaunTopic Radio, we discuss the making of ‘Wasted’ with Steve Kasan, actor and producer, and the journey the crew has been on as they try to make this TV Show a reality. Ideas to concept. Acting while working a day job. Film competitions. Producing on a budget. Marketing a Zombie comedy to the masses. And how to survive it all! Steve also gives you some tips on How To Produce Your Own Horror Movie, His Favorite Zombie Movies, & How To Mix Horror with Comedy.   The world is a big waste according to four friends…

Managing a Haunted Attraction with Mario Garit from Haunted House Makers


ShareLast year we sent our West Coast representative Mario Garit out to Haunted Hollywood Sports (Bellflower, California) to interview some of their staff, navigate through their highly-detailed Haunted Attractions, and check out the zombie paintball zones they call Kill Houses. A few months later they made him Haunt Manager. In this episode of HaunTopic Radio, we talk to Mario about his opportunity to work with an amazing staff of Haunters and how to handle all the moving parts of managing a multi-attraction scare event. We also announce the winners of the Gore-Galore digital giveaway and play a short track from…

Happy Halloween!! (One from the crypt & 4 other past shows to listen to.)


ShareHAPPY HALLOWEEN!! We want to wish you a Happy Halloween and want to THANK YOU for being such great friends of HaunTopic Radio! We didn’t get around to making another episode but we included some links to a few of our favorites. We will release the winners of the Gore-Galore Giveaway in our next NEW podcast.         5 Past Podcasts to play tonight: Happy Halloween (Last year’s..a bunch of Halloween Music) Haunted House Tips 10 Horror & Haunt Soundtracks Interview with Eric Lowther from Haunted Overload Creepy Sounds from Prelude to a Nightmare   Hope you have…

How To Make Foam Weapons (plus 13 Halloween/Haunt Songs to Die For)


ShareHappy Halloween!! It’s really Halloween all year long…isn’t it? If you’re anything like me, you are always planning & thinking about the next October before the current October ends. Well…after you grab your pen & paper to jot down these awesome tips from MadCity Haunt on How To Make Foam Weapons; we want you to RELAX to these creepy and eerie soundtracks from some great Halloween/Haunt/Horror Musicians (with a few surprises thrown in.) No interview this episode. Just an awesome way to make that Sledge Hammer in the pics included in this article and a new way to make any…

The Journey from ‘Haunt House’ to ‘Phobius’ with Nicci & Justin Fears


ShareThe Haunt House (one of HauntWorld’s Top Haunts in 2012) in Dallas,TX is gone right? Or is it? Nicci and Justin Fears from Wright City,MO may have just raised most of The Haunt House from the dead! In early 2014, Nicci and Justin purchased The Haunt House from the Butler’s and moved the entire show (except the building) from Texas to Missouri. After many truck loads of decorated wall panels, trailer loads of props & costumes, and numerous caffeinated road trips…they have transformed The Haunt House into Phobius! Phobius Haunted House is a NEW Haunted Attraction located in Wright City,MO…..somewhere.…

Moving a Haunt from Outside to Inside plus a FREE Place to List & Find Haunts


ShareYou think to yourself….”Should I start an outdoor Haunted Trail where the atmosphere is already creepy?” or “Get a building where it’s nice and dry during those wet Octobers?” There are disadvantages and advantages of both. Ian Austin from Circle of Ash Haunted Attraction sits in the dungeon with us and explains the challenges he faced during his transition from moving his Haunted Attraction from outdoors to indoors. He also shares a new website he has developed for listing your Haunt and finding other Haunts around you. In this audio interview, Ian Austin walks you through some tips if you…

The Right Way to Use Froggy’s Fog and Scents with Scott ‘Tater’ Lynd


ShareSo…you’re cleaning that fog machine out and you think to yourself, what’s the best type of fog to use and how can I keep my machine running season after season without messing it up? What types of smells can I use to keep my attendees entertained and immersed in the scene? What is the difference between ‘discount store’ fog juice and ‘professional grade’ fog juice? Well, Scott ‘Tater’ Lynd from Froggys Fog is here to help answer some of your most burning questions. Scott is a representative for Froggy’s Fog and knows the in-and-outs of the best type of fog…

The Halloween Experience: Bringing California Haunts to Your Living Room


ShareHalloween is awesome. Ask anyone, it’s their favorite holiday. If they say it isn’t, they’re lying or are in need of having a stick removed from their back side. What’s not to like about Halloween? It’s all about time honored traditions like putting on a costume, trick ‘r treating , all night horror movie marathons and getting the crap scared out of you at the local haunted attraction. Maybe the only bad thing about Halloween is that it’s all over after October 31st. Or is it? In this episode of HaunTopic Radio, we interview Haunted Attraction Junkies Phillip Crain &…

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